I’m Moving! Follow me on Coconuttrip.net

It’s time to grow! I’ve been writing in this blog since more than a year, with passion and dedication.

Since this is actually what I like to do, writing, sharing thoughts, tips, and ideas, I’ve decided it’s now time to give  a brand new house to this blog, make it more professional easier to remember and access.

That’s why, I want to proudly introduce you to my coconuttrip.net! There you can find many of the articles that I originally wrote for this blog, but also new contents, new categories and It will be continuously updated.

Why it’s called coconuttrip? Well, I’ve a kind of pure passion for coconut, and it’s a precious produce: it can be thirst-quenching, you can eat it or using to cook as well, and it’s a wonderful skin moisturizer. And, of course, I love coconut trees, it’s the ultimate symbol of the beach and tropical places, so to me its kinda reminder of all positive things that there are in this world.


In this my new blog I’ll write about being an expat (or should I say emigrant?) with a multicultural family as we are, I’ll bring you with me during my trip and I’ll tell you about my past adventure as well, I will introduce you to Italy and its beauty, and why not, we’ll talk about food.

Are you ready to follow me in this new adventure? Curious to see my new project? I’m working hard on this, and It may take a while before it will reach the final appropriate configuration. But if you know me, you know that I love changes from time to time..

So, from now on you should not find any new post on this page. But you’ll always find me on Coconuttrip!!


Do you want to share comments? I will be happy!

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