Den Haag child friendly: The Museum for communication

Since I’m living in The Netherlands I always found that this is a very child friendly country, and with all the respect with my homeland Italy, here you can really do everyday different things with your kids.

I’ve recently signed for the Museum card with the main purpose of visiting as much museum as I can within this year.

museum for communication

And of course I would like to share the fun of visiting a museum with my daughter.

We decided to start our museum discovery with the Museum Voor Communicatie, where we’ve never been before.

I have to say that it was quite a surprise to me, I totally didn’t expect such a nice place!

museum for communication den haag

At the entry floor you can leave you jacket and bags, and besides some nice postcards and old fashioned phones, if you are with kids you can go straight to the second floor, and enjoy the path proposed in a magic kingdom to discover and play: design your own avatar, take pictures, listen to stories and play yourself. Six magic Kingdom are waiting to be discovered!

museum for communication

Museum for communication Den Haag

We spent less than 2 hours there but it’s definitely a great place to spent a few hours on a rainy and cold afternoon.


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