Lunchbox obsession

My sweetie started primary school today.

She was happy and confident, filled with a bit of excitement.. And probably the most excited was just me, that I was awake at 5am waiting for the alarm to officially start the day..

first day of school

Since she was going to daycare since last week, and the used to provide hot meal for lunch, now we have to face with the new issue of preparing lunch.. And you know I am Italian, so not used at all to give the sadly bread with cheese.. Since I can barely consider it a  sort of untasted snack.

SO, I’ve recently started to gather information about how to prepare a healthy and tasty lunchbox, without filling it with too many thing and easy to eat for a 4 years old kid.

healthy lunchbox

It’s not easy though, first for the lack of time that often I have to think about what to prepare for lunch.. Second, I am not that well organized (but I should learn to) and third, I have to use a lot of creativity to not make the lunch boring for her, as she is quite picky and pretending little girl.. And of course she’s my daughter, so she gets bored easily on repetition.

Moreover, I don’t have yet a thermos box to prepare some hot meals, neither a cooler to keep fresh foods. Yes I know I am a terrible mother, but before buying stuff that I would rather use, I preferred to spent 1 or 2 weeks and get used to the idea of lunch box, and see what is she likes more for lunch at school.

Looking on the internet, I found some nice suggestion on how to pack and what to put in lunch box (curious fact that a lot of information comes from Australian websites) .

These is what I found more useful

  • Greenjump: they sell thermo lunchbox in NL
  • Easylunchbox: few nice ideas on how to prepare a nice and enjoyable lunch box
  • On Kidspot Australia I found 2 interesting articles about lunchbox: ideas and recipes
  • One really nice website that I found is Wendolonia, rich with ideas for cute lunchbox.

I will never have enough time to prepare all those cute arts-crafts lunches, but in these blogs it will be easy to find some inspiring ideas to create a daily menu on your kid’s lunch… And of course you can still make use of your own tradition to create some healthy meal.

I will suggest though not to fill too much the lunch and keep it varied and healthy.. Another important note is to try to avoid nuts, since kids likes to share meal with friends and some kids might be allergic.


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