Old and new

It’s Christmas again, and this 2014 is going to end up soon as well.

Time for analysis!

This year have been with a lot on up and down moments, which helped me a lot to think about life and about myself.

It started with the new position in a new office, challenging moments, sometimes difficult and others filled with recognition. By time to time I understood which are my limits, and also what I like and what I don’t, and I want to use this awareness in the new year to go through my working life happily and not frustrated..

On the other side, on my personal  job, If i can call it like that, I certainly had a lot of satisfactions: I’ve upgraded my main blog buying the domain and started to write regularly, and this has been one of the best thing trough the whole year. I’ve also started some good collaborations and had the chance to visit new places.

sunbset in the hague

I made a path with a coach who helped me a lot in finding out what I could do and she gave me the strenght to believe again in myself: something I already did it and for something else there’s still a (not too) long way to go, but at least I know now I am on the right way.

If on one side this has been a very tough year (and it is also now..) on the other hand I can say that positive things has happened.

One big change that will start with the beginning of the year will be the primary school for my daughter.. We have to say goodbye to our lovely daycare (which we will miss a lot) and start a new adventure in the school.. My daughter is happy about this new beginning, and I’m as well, but  that daycare have been like a family to us, helping in difficult moment as well, and It will be hard not to see  all of them everyday after 2 and half year..

It’s time now to set goals, looking forward to it, and make the best use of our mistakes. I’m trying everyday to reconnect my soul with the real world around me and listen to my inner voice, that is now used to be shutted down by the sound of everyday life. When it happen that I can hear that voice, than I know exactly what I am looking for, and the challenge now is working hard to succeed in it.

After every end there is a new beginning, right?

Then step out and walk to it!


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