Italian restaurant in The Hague: Da Sebastiano!

I am going to introduce with this post a new section of the blog dedicated to food!

The first place that I want to introduce and recommend you is the Italian Trattoria Da Sebastiano.

I am not the kind of person who likes to eat italian food when I am not in Italy.. But living abroad I have to admit that I often like to enjoy the unique taste of italian food ( especially pizza! ), even if  I have never found something that could appropriately satisfy me.

Until I tried  “Da Sebastiano“.

That’s an amazing experience, seriously.

Since your first step into the restaurant you can literally smell Italian’s friendly atmosphere: from the way of dressing the table, to the design of the trattoria, and moreover the staff italian speaking.

Da Sebastiano

[photocredit: Da Sebastiano]

It’s definitely a warm welcome what you have when you arrive.

Sebastiano personally assists all guests  introducing the daily menu and giving you suggestions. Some appetizers are offered while you wait for the main course.

We ate pizza, and it was delicious, and not one of the plastictoo much filledheavy pizzas that you mainly eat when you are not in Italy. That was really a good pizza (and with good price as well!) and we enjoyed a lot.


[photocredit Da Sebastiano]

But the menu at “Da Sebastiano” is various and you can’t get out unsatisfied.

As dessert we had an amazing tiramisu, some limoncello and nice chat with our host Sebastiano himself.

It definitely was a nice dinner out, because i strongly believe that a good meal is never good enough if the location, staff and host are not cozy as well.

If you want to experience  italian atmosphere in The Hague and have a really good dinner, you can’t miss Da Sebastiano!


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