Summer tips to enjoy Den Haag

Finally summer is coming on the horizon, warming up our body and filling our mind with the wish of activities and outdoor fun.

But what can you do if you in The Hague during summer? Actually, it’s plenty of things to do.

14 June: Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen

If you never heard about this festival, you will surely know about dutch passion for  raw herring: during Vlaggetjesdag, or flag day, celebrate the arrival of the first herring (hollandse niewe) and it happen in the harbour of Scheveningen.

During the day hundreds of people will join the ship coming dress up with traditional clothes and music, activities for kids and much more will be performed.  I think that this will be a really dutch experience, not to miss for those who wants to have a deep look into traditional culture or just for those, like me, that really enjoy this kind of events!

Scheveningen Harbour

27 June: Marithuis reopening & Shopping night

One of the greatest dutch museum, filled with famous painting of great artist as Rembrandt ( The anatomy lesson), Paulus Potter (the Bull) or the great Vermeer with “The view of Delft” and the” Girl with pearl earring”. Finally the Marithuis will open the door again, ready to show the world its treasures!

Also the 27th June Shops in The Hague stays open ’till late, and beside this the city will be filled with music, shows and much more.

You can check the program on

the hague city centre

29 June: Parkpop

One of the largest pop free festival which takes place every year in Zuiderpark! This free concert is very popular all over the country, especially for the amount of national and international performing artists. Check out the website for more info!

04-13 July: De Parade

The 4th of July, the great travelling theatre of The Netherlands, De Parade, will come in The Hague! The location is one of my favourite place in the city, the Westbroek park.  Theatre shows, dances,  entertainment, children’s activities, music and good food.. I’ve been there last year and I simply love it! It’s a great place to breathe this sort of bohemian atmosphere, meet a lot of people and having fun together! Absolutely not to miss it!

shows at De parade

15-23 August: The international fireworks festival

This is usually takes place during 4 evenings, where the sky in Scheveningen beach (in front of Kurhaus) is illuminated by the wonderful colour of the fireworks. The boulevard is usually filled with music and artists, and all the restaurant are getting full of people during the competition. Be sure to bring you something to protect from the wind if is not to warm, and enjoy the show sit on the beach! This is definitely a romantic and unforgettable experience!

Scheveningen Boulevard

Besides these events, I would suggest you to enjoy the city everyday of the summer!

  • Rent a boat in the waterkant (Westbroek park) and enjoy The Hague’s canals!
  • Cycle to the celestial vault in the dunes of Kijkduin during a night filled of stars
  • Ride the bike trough the dunes and reach the lovely Wassenaar beach
  • Enjoy a pic nic in one of the city’s parks
  • Relax and chill out in one of the restaurant in Scheveningen Beach during the warm summer nights.

Of course I did not mention all the activities and events of the summer.. And do you have some more suggestion?

Please leave a comment!



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