My Fab five in The Hague

I live in The Hague since one year and a half now, and I can very well consider it as my city.

I want to share with you some nice tips here in the city, my favourite things and places in The Hague.

Westbroek park

This is my place. I simply love it..I love going there during spring and summer, having a dinner sit on the fresh grass, or simply enjoy looking at my daughter while she play. It’s a relaxing and peaceful place in the hearth of the international city of The Hague.

Westbroek Park Den Haag

Abyasa Yoga

My new life in The Netherlands was asking for an inner peace and a sort of new internal life.. That’s why I finally decided to start  Yoga practice. I do it in this cozy studio in the Piet Heinstraat, called Abyasa Yoga. Bente, my fabulous and lovely teacher is able to teach me great pose to find my balance. I am really proud of me for this big step I took and for all the improvement that i see day after day, lesson after lesson.

Abyasa Yoga Den Haag


It’s a library, a stationery store, a concert hall, a bar. It’s this and more than this. I found it only recently, and being also not far from my place I use to go there now and then first of all because I love libraries (even though I cannot understand or even try o buy a dutch book), and then because I love the atmosphere that you can breathe inside.

The zuiderstrand

It’s a fascinating long beach, you can go there either during summertime, and escape from the chaotic Scheveningen strand, or even take a walk during wintertime: anytime you will find a surfer enjoying the waves, a fisherman on the wharf, kids playing in the sand, dogs,  runners..

Zuiderstrand Den Haag

The Japanese Garden

It might be considered as one of the best kept secret in the city: It opens only twice a year, a couple of weeks during springtime and in autumn. It’s a cozy neat garden in japanese style where you can really escape from the city and can be found inside the Clingendael Park.

Japanese Garden The Hague


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