Welcome in 2014

Here we are friends, finally we entered in 2014.

I simply want to share with you some thoughts about the past year and a few wishes about this freshly new year.

It’s now officially the second year that I am living in The Netherlands. If am I happy? Not that much. I mean, I still consider it the best choice that we made but I cannot say that I am happy. We struggle everyday  with money and cannot think to do almost anything, we have to run and run and live far from our families.  I hate completely the weather here, I miss the sun on my skin and the feeling of sweating..I miss the joy of life, happiness in smile and wild nature.

But still I think that my daughter is going to have good chances here for her future and if I look further I don’t see any other place where we can go for now. And honestly, I cannot think to start all over again and again.

But I still carry in my heart the feeling that this is not our place. It is for now, but I don’t want to stay here for a very long time.. I need something else.

Or I need to have the possibility to travel and move around, meeting people, join new culture, experience places.

My Life In The Netherlands

I was born to do that. I miss that.

I hope for this 2014 that things will go better, that our dreams may come true, that the world outside will be ready for us.

In the meantime my purpose here in this blog is to share with you thoughts, experience and things about being an expat in The Netherlands, and moreover being an expat mum in The Netherlands.

I wish you all a happy new year, might your dreams  come true!


Do you want to share comments? I will be happy!

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