About rental agency and houses

Find a house to live in, both to rent or to buy, is one of the most important step you can do as an expat.

We are living now in The Hague since more than a year, we are kind of settled down here, we now better how to move, where we like to live and all the rest. This time, during our research for the new rental, we where more aware and conscious of where we’d love to stay and where not.

houses in The Netherland

We started then to look for apartment through website Pararius and Funda, which, I have to admit, are a big help if you put your criteria in the menu and start browsing on the offers.

Many agency will contact you immediately, others will wait a few days…so Is better, if you see something that you really like, to call the real estate agency and ask if it is still available, and to fix for a visit.

We really saw many  apartment in the last few months, and we met several real estate agent: from the one who just open the door of the apartment and will tell you: “this is the apartment, go to have a look” to the friendly one, from the suspicious (who clearly think what a hell are you doing here, you’ll never afford this place..) to the one who tries to persuade you that this is a beautiful apartment (despite your face in front of the disgusting place..)

Wants to live in a small house?

A good agency where you can find a different apartment in The Hague is w voor wonen: they are very nice, friendly and helpful (and is the one that we rented the new apartment now!)

On the other hand, i really did not appreciate at all the service of A&Nvastgoed, although seems to be a really good agency, we paid the 25 euro registration fee to apply and visit apartment..well we shown our interest trough their website, I also called them and sent email…and nothing, they ever call us to visit something. That’s a really bad service.

I met a lot of agent from many agency, don’t want to create a list of best and worst, but if you’ve had an experience with one agency in The Hague feel free to add you comment!!

..Next …How to choose you energy, gas and internet provider!!



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