Thoughts of an expat in The Hague

Most of the non-dutch people living in The Hague are the real “expat“: it means that they were hired from some international company to work here. Their salaries are really good, mostly the company itself pays for their accommodation, and if they have children also for the internationals school.

I am not a real expat, I mean..I came here from Italy to look for a job, and i found it. I am not that well paid, and nobody is helping us to pay the rental, the school, and whatever. But is still consider myself as expat, in the way that i am expatriate from my original country (ex-patria).

I like this city as it’s easy to enjoy in some expat project or activities all year round and a lot of cultural event.

Copyright by Vincenzo D'Innella Capano

Copyright by Vincenzo D’Innella Capano

It’s easy to meet and get in touch with people from different country here, and to have a nice circle of multicultural friends all around.

Starting from my daughter’s daycare where all the kids comes from different nationality: from Kenya to Italy, From Netherland to Ireland, From Israel to Russia and so on…. I think that this is an amazing way to grow up, where there are no differences in races, and everyone has the same right.

Thinking about this, I’ve been part of an amazing project last week, not only for expat, a photo shoot to share positive message to younger people.

If you wish to participate, it’s for just 5 euro (that will go to charity) and find all the information on the photo shoot web page




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