Green and Garden: an outdoor day in Den Haag

If you didn’t know, Den Haag has several amazing green places where you can enjoy a sunny day out.

Not necessarily going at the beach during summer time, you can really enjoy several beautiful places out here in the city.

Westbroek Park, Den Haag

One of my favourite is the Westbroek Park, in Scheveningen: A wide green park, surrounded by lake and water, during summer it’s easy to find several people enjoying a BBQ or just a picnic during late afternoon.

We love the rose Garden!

We love the rose Garden!

There is a nice playground for children, but this park is mainly known for its beautiful rose garden (and believe me, it really worth a visit!) and the tea house  waterkant where you can rent a boat and enjoy a canal sail in Den Haag!

I was quite impressed also by the peace I found in Clingendael park: two times in the year, during spring and in autumn, this park open the beautiful Japanese Garden, a hidden treasure in the middle of Den Haag!

Clingendael Park Den Haag

Beside this, you can enjoy the nature of this park all year round.

Another popular park in The Hague is the Zuiderpark, it’s nice to have a ride on the bike, relax in the grass, or visiting the farm there.

playing at zuiderpark

I think then that more or less everyone know the Malieveld in Den Haag, popular for being the place where big concert also take place.


These are only some suggestion, as since i live here I found that every day out there you can find a new stunning place.. So it would be a long post to just list all the green spaces of Den Haag!!

These are just some of my favourite. Feel free to add yours in the comment!!!


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