The Blijdorp zoo in Rotterdam

I am not such a big fan of zoo, after I lived in Kenya where I could just drive 2 hours and being in the middle of real Savanna… but having a child then sometimes you start doing things that you usually never do.

So, that’s why, we decided to visit te Blijdorp Zoo in Rotterdam, at the end of June.

Flamingo in Blijdorp

It’s really close to The Hague, that’s why we decided to go by metro ranstad rail (Line E) from The Hague Central Station to Blijdorp stop. Then the zoo it’s really 5 minutes walking from there, and really easy to find.

Rhino in Blijdorp zoo

The place is quiet big, and although we had the stroller, it’s also possible to rent one at the entrance.

Monkeys, Blijdorp

There are several areas (like Asia, African Savanna, South america, etc…) and a nice Aquarium and the Amazonica building, with 40 degrees and a lot of wonderful butterfly.

Giraffes, Blijdorp Zoo

It seems that the most of the animals has really enough space and well maintained. Except for the Lions….That is really a pity, as they seems to have a small place surrounded by water (pretty dirty as well) and not a lot of shadow.

butterfly in Amazonica

There are several restaurants inside the zoo, and a big playground for youngest.

We definitely had a good day there (actually it took from 11 to 16 to visit the whole place), and our daughter loved it!



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