About houses in The Netherlands

Well, it’s a bit more than a year now that we are proudly living in The Netherlands. And it’s now a year that we are living in the same apartment.. and it makes me proud as well!

But now it’s time to look further and finding a new place to stay. First of all this apartment is really to small for the 3 of us (About 40 sq mtrs) and it’s fully furnished, so it means that it is expensive and we cannot personalize it. Then, during the winter it’s freezing and humid..that’s why we definetly have to find another place to stay.

dutch houses

But it’s not easy as it may seems: we don’t want to move too far from Duinoord /statenkwartier area, and we are not reach, so we don’t want to spend too much. This seems to be a hard mission…as all the apartments we’ve seen until now, are either in bad conditions, or with such crazy thing that I could not even ever live in houses like that. Ok, I am italian and i am used to have the “bidet“, but of course I do not expect to find it here… But I would simply like to have a normal size bathroom ensuite (It’s even ok separate…But not so small like a closet where you can’t even close the door….) couple of bedroom and living room.

Den Haag

It’s hard running between the work and fixing apointment all over to see what it seems to be a  nice house, and finding out that it’s not at all.

I also found out on the Het Jurudish Locket website that paying the month commision fee to agency is not legal, and this should be paid by the landlord. It’s legal only if you are renting a room. But what would you do if then you finally find the right place for you, and the agency ask about the commision? For sure they will find someone who is paying it.

That’s hard.

I will keep searching, hopefully with some good luck for the future.

Stay tuned!


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