Tips for weekend trip: Zaanse Schans

Last Saturday, that was not properly like a mid summer saturday (yes, I think it was almost 15 windy degree…absolutly freezing..) we had the idea of going to visit the village of Zaanse Schans, not far from Amsterdam.


How to reach Zaanse Schans from Den Haag

We took a IC train to Amsterdam Sloterdijk, and from there a sprinter to Koog Zaandijk (direction Uitgest).

Visiting Zaanse Schans

As soon as you go out from the train, you will be surrounded by a delicious flavour and smell of Chocolate, that comes from the huge chocolate factory that is nearby.

Zaanse schans

You can reach the village in a short 10 minutes walking from train station. Suddenly, nice wooden houses, small bridge, and windmill will appear in front of you. You can enjoy visiting the oldest Albert Hein (it’s really at the entrance of the old village), or going inside one of the windmill (we visited The Cat windmill, admission fee is 3 euro for adult).

Windmill The Cat

There are also several shop-museum, like the cheese factory and the wooden sandals factory.

Wood sandals factory

If you want you can also rent a bike and visiting the countryside nearby the village!

Zaanse schans

I really enjoyed spend a saturday at the Zaanse Schans Village. It’s a child friendly place, with no car (so they can enjoy running over there 🙂 )


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