Expats in The Hague

Ok, after I while I decided to keep this blog going… I will keep it up to date, with some kind of english version of my adventure on my main italian blog, malaikatravel.

That's me folks!!

Well, It has been a bit more than year now that we are living in The Hague. Many things went trough and many others should still come… Let’s start with some point:

  • We are actually in a rent in a small expat house (I mean, those kind of fully furnished apartment, that are also very expensive..) and we are looking for another one, as here humidity is too much during the winter..No luck at the moment. Still keep searching but apparently there are not such good offer in Duinoord-Statenkwartier-Duindorp – Boomenbuurt Area. Or, it should be very expensive… We signed now with an agency, the A&Nvastgoed and let’s hope that something will come out before thefreezing dutch winter.
  • We are both working. And that’s a good point. I am now part time, so I have my special day to spend with my daughter, testing and visiting child friendly place or over there. Ah, And visiting apartments as well!!
  • The other days I keep running ..daycare- job- daycare. It’s exhausting but at least a good excercise!
  • We went on Holiday in Italy… beach sun, and good food. That’s Italy!!!

Last week I have done some interesting touristic visit trough the country. But let’s keep this for my next post!!!



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