What to do in Malindi, Kenya

Hello everyone!!!

Ok, today I want to tell you something about Malindi. Yes, I’ve lived there for months, so I can say that I know it quite well right??

Going to Malindi

Malindi is a typical city in the the north coast of Kenya. Also the Italians are typical there…Infact, Malindi is full of Italians, nowdays well mixed with the kenyans population.

Ok, but you may wants to know if you go there, WHAT can you do in a day or more.

  • Visit Malindi town: Walking around the small and chaotic streets, full of bike, cars, jeep, tuk tuk and boda boda (mototaxi or bike-taxi). You’ll never be alone there, of course you will find someone who will love to help you to visit Malindi old town and arts & crafts market ( as long as you’ll pay him for the help!! 😉 )
  • Go and have a lunch in a local restaurantWherever you can go, eating like the local do is the best way to know a place. Let’s enjoy a cheap plate of Samosas or biriani rice in a local restaurant (my favourite’s one is named Jabreen, in the old town of Malindi)
Malindi Marine Park

Malindi Marine Park

  • Relax at Malindi Marine Park: Malindi has a wonderful beach, far from the chaotic town centre…it’s Malindi Marine Park, a long strip of beach and trees, where you can enjoy an after lunch relax, or swimming in the clear water, or join a “blusafari” tour in the reef. absolutely don’t miss it!!
  • A walk in  the Silversand during sundown: As Malindi is so close to the equator line, it’s always very hot, but in late afternoon, at around 5 p.m., is the best time to enjoy a walk in the long Silversand beach, when everything seems to be relaxed and peaceful.
SIlversand beach malindi

Malindi, silversand beach

  • Dinner out and go dancing: There is a wide offer for dining out in Malindi, from the ultimate and expensive restaurant (The Grill in the Casinò, or La Malindina) to the “I Love Pizza” or the famous “Old Man and the Sea” to the cheapest local restaurant all over Malindi. But after dinner, you can join one of the local party in “Stars and Garters” or the famous beach party in “Rosada” or “Pata Pata“.

Don’t miss a trip to the Sabaki river, northern than city center, there you may find a Hippo resting on the river and many flamingos…

Malindi can offer a lot to a visitor, what is important is to understand the local culture and not being afraid of that…even if Italians are so many there, Malindi is still kenyan!!


Do you want to share comments? I will be happy!

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