Moving to the Netherlands!

Some weeks ago we went to take a quick overlook to the Netherlands, the country that we choose to relocate.

Windmill, Leiden

Why Netherland? We think that it’s a multicultural place, safe and nice… Also it still seems to be chances to find a job for both of us, and a good school system… but only the time can tell if we’re right!!

So.. we took a cheap flight to go and see how things goes there, and try to understand if we would be ready to move there all together.





Yep, definitely we love Netherlands! We spent some days between Rotterdam, Leiden, Amsterdam and Den Haag and we thought that Leiden or Den Haag are the best places to live…not so far either from Amsterdam and Rotterdam, where mainly is possible to find jobs, and quite small and nice… ¬†Hopefully the best place where to grow our daughter!!

Here some picture of our Netherland’s adventure..

Running with pigeons in Amsterdam


Look at this public toilet named 2theloo in Amsterdam…so amazing!!!


And the beach in Schevenigen….ok, maybe it’s not like the Kenyan ones…but nice!!!

This is the beach in Schevenigen, Den Haag.


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